Is Amazon Echo Necessary in the Home?


For those that have been living under a rock for the past 6 months, the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot each come accompanied with an A.I. personality called Alexa, which is comparable to Siri from Apple products. The real question at this point is whether Alexa is becoming a necessary part of the home, or …

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The Best After-Market Car Electronics


These days many of the newest models from car manufacturers feature top-of-the-line conveniences like Bluetooth for music and phone calls, great speakers, among other things, but for those that have an older model it is great to be able to upgrade some of the features that seem to have been stuck in the past. One …

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Digital Assistants

The virtual and digital world is in many ways making life easier and quite convenient. There are many applications being created which enable our smart phones and other electronics devices do so much more than would have been deemed possible a few decades back. Some of the functions are just an upgrade of what was …

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