The Best After-Market Car Electronics


These days many of the newest models from car manufacturers feature top-of-the-line conveniences like Bluetooth for music and phone calls, great speakers, among other things, but for those that have an older model it is great to be able to upgrade some of the features that seem to have been stuck in the past.

One of the most popular upgrades to a car is the stereo deck, which is the device whose buttons we push when we want to listen to the radio or a CD. Other popular upgrades include a subwoofer, which will give the sound system more powerful bass, and other gadgets like a dash cam video recorder or a navigation system for those that prefer to not use their smartphone while driving. These are all just a few of the many upgrades available to the electronics of a vehicle.

Electronic Upgrades to a Vehicle

Sony DSXA405BT Digital Media Receiver

This stereo deck from Sony is a great upgrade over many of the older decks that came included in countless cars, trucks, and SUVs. The ability to play music wirelessly through Bluetooth is invaluable, not to mention safer, as is the ability to talk hands-free using the Bluetooth connection to a phone. This deck also has a USB port for those that would prefer to plug in their iPhone with a cord. It also has built-in Pandora for either iOS or Android. It also connects with Siri so that iPhone users can text or call without having to touch their phone. It’s available on Amazon for just $80.

Kicker TCompS 40TCWS104 10″ Subwoofer + Box

Anyone that knows anything about subwoofers knows that Kicker is a quality brand and one can’t go wrong in investing into their sound equipment. This 10” sub from Kicker is a great addition to any vehicle. It’s smaller than a 12”, meaning it won’t be overbearing for vehicles that are smaller and don’t need the extra juice. It has a 600 Watt Max, and is just one of the many great subs available from Kicker. Larger vehicles wouldn’t be wrong in going for 2 10” subs or maybe a 12”. A great package with included kit is available for just $170 on Amazon.

Z-Edge 3″ Screen 2K Ultra Full HD Dash Cam

This dash cam was voted the best by Wirecutter. It is one of the best deals available, and is now on sale on Amazon for around $100. It has a 3-inch scratch-resistant LCD screen. ULTRA 2K HD video quality, which isn’t 4K but still produces content with 2560x1080p resolution, which ensures that no detail will be missed. Dash cams are great for travelling if someone wants to have great footage of a road trip, but they also provide valuable insurance against those who are filing a fraudulent insurance claim. They ensure that a driver will always have proof of what really happened out on the road.

Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Navigator System

This GPS navigation system is one of the best out there. Many people use their smartphones when driving to get directions through one of the apps on their phone. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it isn’t the safest option and many people prefer to use a navigation system to save battery of their phone. This GPS from Garmin is just $90 on Amazon and is a great way for people to get directions on the road.

Any of these electronics – or similar ones like them – make a great addition to any vehicle. They provide a better environment and convenience to whoever is driving the car.

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