The Future Of Medical Care Is High Tech


Technology is influencing every part of modern life but it’s revolutionizing healthcare. In many ways technology is making medical care faster, easier and more thorough than ever before. From advanced monitoring systems to video chat consultations to 3D printed surgical implements the future of healthcare is high tech. Check out some of the coolest ways that technology is transforming healthcare:

Video Chat Appointments

One of the worst parts of going to the doctor is waiting. You are required to be early for your appointment but then you spend anywhere from half an hour to three hours waiting in the waiting room depending on how far behind the doctor is. Sitting in a waiting room with sick people isn’t really a great way to stay healthy. And that’s if you’re lucky and live in an area with good medical facilities. People who live in rural areas may not be able to easily get to a doctor. Some people need to travel more than two hours just for a medical appointment. But high resolution video chat appointments with doctors is changing all of that.

People can now use Facetime or other video chat applications to talk with a doctor or a nurse practitioner one on one. And thanks to the great quality of modern smart phone cameras doctors can even diagnosis some medical conditions right over video chat. This is a fantastic innovation for people that live in rural areas, older people who can’t get to the doctor easily, and people who don’t want to wait all day for a routine appointment.

Better Patient Records

In the past updating patient records was a slow and laborious process. But now hospital staff have state of the art tablets that make it easy to get patient information, update test results, and make notes about the patient’s condition all in seconds. And since the information is stored in a secure central hub all the doctors involved in a patient’s care can instantly see the updated information. This easy and fast access to current information is streamlining patient care and making it possible for people to get the best care available. It also cuts down on the workload of already overworked doctors and nurses.

3D Printing

One of the greatest technological advances in healthcare is 3D printing. Biomedical 3D printing can produce incredible things. Using high grade biocompatible plastic doctors and scientists have been able to 3D print things like new skin for burn victims, airway splints for babies that will keep their lungs from collapsing and grow with them as they grow, new organs for people who need transplants, and even bone replacements. One cutting edge medical technology company has been able to create a 3D printed ear that can actually pick up sounds. The biomedical technology field is growing by leaps and bounds and these innovative technology solutions to healthcare’s greatest problems will change healthcare forever.

Better Diagnostics and Monitoring

Technology also now makes it much easier for doctors and nurses to diagnose patients. They can get more accurate test results using less blood and biological materials. Diabetics can now get tiny insulin pumps that they can wear to regulate their blood sugar around the clock so that they don’t need to give themselves injections. Everyday technology gurus are coming up with new technology and adapting current technology to make healthcare higher quality, faster, and more accessible to people around the world. These technological advancements will help millions of people stay healthy and live longer. And they also bring the cost of health care down by streamlining medical processes and making items cheaper and easier to manufacture.

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